Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Urban Sim gets part of $10 million NSF grant

For some time I have been following a similar system to our own OpenSim based Encitra immersive simulation tool. The Urban Sim developed at UC Berkely is a very promising technology and to my joy they received a major grant recently together with some other projects for massive data gathering. This could simplify our own work as we can collaborate with this technology in a near future and and use their modeling for our own much more detailed and advanced simulations. I am on my way to California this weekend and look forward to learn more.

I am also curious how the Carbon War room team will handle the strategical issues regarding tools for CO2 reduction. Their focus has so far been very much on the physical application and incremental change, less on models and scenarios where new technology in transportation and energy production changes how we get around dramatically. Their good work is commendable but should maybe also look more into game changing issues. I hope the Encitra modeling platform can be used by people with good ideas to be used in a near future for such scenarios and visualizations of how things could be.

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