A very potent combination of forces has emerged in the growth center of North Carolina where managers of a public-interest commercial district pride themselves in state-of-the-art development and land management. Research Triangle Park (RTP) is in the center of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel metrople... more
Sorry, Governor Cuomo, leader of the Empire State: your planners and policy-makers lack vision. A new century is upon us, and it does not help to dwell in 20th century thinking. The Hudson Valley is a centrally located, hilly, treed region with abundant fresh water that runs south with a mighty ... more
US DOT invested significant research and development resources into possible new modes of ground transport in the early 1970s. Out of its AGT programs came many airport APM applications, a few amusement rides and, in Europe, driverless metros. Also studied, with little result, were AHS - automated ... more

PRT’s CONUNDRUM Why the business case for personal rapid transit is blocked. Lawrence J. Fabian, Trans.21 and Stan Young, NREL May 2016 Urban transport policy-makers have new street-based mobility options. The emergence of robo-cars, robo-cabs, robo-delivery vehicles, robo-vans and robo-b... more
Mass ownership of cars surged after WW-II causing massive congestion and urban flight in the US. Eisenhower sealed the problematic deal in the 1950s in the deteriorating Interstate Highways that put down a continental network. It ripped apart cities. Transit use declined dramatically. Urban cores w... more
Some twenty professionals and enthusiasts at the Technix workshop organized by ATRA at the University of Maryland on January 9 engaged in a charrette for several hours divided into three teams, each assigned to think out to 2040 and modern mobility in three different settings. Before... more
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