Friday, October 31, 2014


Trans.21 -- the clearinghouse of information on automated people movers established in 1983 -- is cleaning house. Several dozen video cassettes on various kinds of advanced, automated transit as well as scores of slides and other material are available. They can be useful to researchers, historians and podcar fans and useful to publicists.

Ford Motor Co.'s 1970s APM

The cassettes should work, but cannot be guaranteed. These are pre-digital relics from last century, They include system descriptions of Aerorail, Apogee, Austrans, Otis, nd Taxi 2000. An interview with Franzen who launched the Chicago RTA's PRT program with Raytheon. A plan for Denver's Auraria district. These are rare finds. A tribute to the artwork in the stations of the Detroit DPM. And more.

You can obtain all of these slides and cassettes by making a $1000 tax-deductible donation to the Advanced Transit Association, known as ATRA, which since 1976 has been pushing the agenda of modern mobility forward, ATRA wants to become more active and aggressive in 2015. Your purchase will not only get you a set of rich and valuable visual material, it will boost ATRA's coffers.

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